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Sunday Night Ladies Ride:
15th and high
Come ride bikes with other women and discover Columbus from a new perspective. This is a no drop ride...we only ride as fast as the slowest person. All ages and walks of womanly life encouraged to come.

Sunday Slow Ride: (Every 3rd Sunday)
Goodale Park 1pm
Ride at the speed of slowest person, great for teaching friends how to navigate on the road, stop lights, etc.

Monday Night Ride:
15th x high 10pm
MNR is a social ride that meets 52 weeks a year with no regard for inclement weather. Distance and pace are dictated by those who show up, maintaining a NO DROP policy. The group often takes breaks to chat and get to know fellow riders while exploring the city. Summer rides are typically bigger and slower, and break at public parks. Winter rides are typically smaller, and faster and tend to take breaks to conduct "urban exploration" of interesting properties. Drinking and smoking is common on this social ride. The ride typically ends at High Beck Tavern for beer and free pizza.

Tuesday Night Crit Practice:
OSU Schottenstien parking lot 6:00pm
Several short races. Opportunity to practice starts, setup, finish, then recover and try it all again.Racing may include points race, miss & out, win & out, scratch race, etc. If you don't know what that means, we'll explain it when you get there. A, B, Junior, Women categories. Entry Fees $3 with a USAC road license, $8 if you need a 1 day license.These are laid back races -- good intense workout, good cornering practice. No prize money -- no arguing about who placed where.

Tuesday Night Ride:
Goodale park 7pm
This ride usually goes out to food trucks and back. The ride is always contingent on inclement weather, and is posted 2-3 days ahead of time. Pace is moderate, and goes for 25 miles.

CycloCross Practice: (fall)
OSU schottenstien feilds 6pm
Practice racing a road bike through the mud! Start with some basic skills, build up to actual races, be ready to get dirty!

Columbus Bike Polo: (Tuesday nights)
Lane x high polo courts 9pm
Come play, watch, or just hang out! They ALWAYS have extra mallets for you to use, and will personally lend you a bike to try! Games are played every Tuesday night at 9pm on the courts Southwest of Lane and high. Pick up games are also plentiful in the warm weather.

Wednesday Night Worlds:
Avery park 6pm
This is the fastest road ride in Columbus. It goes through beautiful rolling hills in the countryside NW of Columbus. Leaves From Avery park in Dublin at 6 pm sharp. Average speed 25+, If your not fast enough, you WILL get dropped.

Paradise Garage road rides:
PG 6:30pm
This road ride leaves from PG and goes throughout Columbus for about 25 miles. It splits up into a fast group (25mph) and a slower group (17mph) during the ride. It is a no drop ride.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A quick guide to cycling in Medellin Colombia

So, I spent my winter in Medellin Colombia doing two things I love; starting a business and riding bikes!

For those of you who haven't seen my updates on Facebook I'm going to give you a recap of how awesome cycling is in Medellin, and hopefully inspire some of you to visit!

Lets starts with the fact that Colombia (especially Medellin and Bogota) has an obsession with biking. We have a rich history of grueling tours that crisscross the Andies through its extreme climbs, descents  and climates (yes Colombian mountains do have snow at the top). La Vuelta Colombia (60+ years) and El Clasico RCN (50+ years), combined with our late 80's Cafe de Colombia team, and track world champions have made Colombian's especially fond of the sport. So much in fact that every time I took my bike out to train, I would have people cheering me on!

More Colombian bike nerdage (in english) 

Did you see the Giro De Italia? Are you still wondering why the Colombians are coming? Check it out here!

Urban cycling:
One word, CICLOVIAS!! Medellin's government closes down about 20 miles of roads and highways on Sundays, Holidays and some weekdays to accommodate the thousands of recreational cyclists, joggers and skaters that want to get their workout in. No it doesn't disrupt traffic, roads are closed during low use hours, and this really encourages the everyday citizen to get out and move! Every couple miles you have independent food carts selling water, food and offering bike maintenance. If you want to rent a bike, I would advise starting at Envigado where a mini bike bazaar always organizes itself for the Sunday ciclovia.

The city of Medellin will also shut down roads for themed ciclovias. The Mothers day ride attracted 800 participants!

Every Wednesday, be sure to join El Colectivo Siclas at 7:30 pm in the Carlos E park, for their urban, 15 mile ride around Medellin. You're going to see a lot of expats, as well as every imaginable bike as you traverse different neighborhoods throughout the city (rich, poor, mountainous, etc). I honestly cant even begin to explain the euphoria of parading through some of the cities most infamous neighborhoods, as the locals cheer you on, and join on their bikes. The organizers are REALLY good at organizing the rides and making sure that the 1000 person crew always gets back safely. This is a casual ride, that has one 15 minute beer stop halfway through.

The last Wednesday of the month is reserved for "La fiesta de la Bici", Medellin's Critical mass type ride. About 4,500 cyclists meet at the Mamm museum at "Ciudad de Rio" at 7:30. The ride last about 2 hours and has no stops. As the name suggests, this is a bike party, and if you didnt already know, Colombians are experts at partying! Bring your noise makers, positive attitude, and bikes! Mas amor, menos motor!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for Ciclocity. Rides meet at 7pm at the "Suramericana" Metro station near the stadium. Make sure your bike has lights, and you're wearing a helmet, or else you wont be allowed to ride. Tuesdays they ride up the two mountains that dot the Medellin Valley, Cerro Nutibara and El Volador. The views of Medellin from these mountains are always amazing. Thursdays they do a farther ride up the highway to Copa Cabana. Between 20-30 riders always show.

Alley cats became my baby in Medellin. Everyone had seen them on the internet, but nobody knew how to organize them, so I started a series called "Tin Tin Corre Corre". The first couple of races were sprints at "Ciudad del Rio" and the last one was an all out alley cat throughout the city. I sent competitors out to various grocery stores throughout the city to collect non perishable food and school supplies. Every race had between 40-60 competitors, 80 spectators, and $500 worth in prizes.

Road riding in Medellin:
Road bike routes
Colombians favorite road ride by far, is going up "El alto de las Palmas". No matter what day or hour you go, your going to find people from all social classes, riding all kinds of bikes up this 10 mile highway out of the Medellin valley. It takes about an hour and a half to ride up and 30 minutes to fly down (if your going 60mph). Once you get to the top, your riding through rolling hills, enjoying the lush vegetation, coffee and flower plantations, and visiting many of the quaint towns that dot the countryside.

When the roadies aren't going up mountains, they're racing crits in our city race track. Every day the Juan Pablo Segundo track (next to the professional BMX track) is open to anyone who wants to ride, jog or skate their way around. On weekends it's reserved for motorcycle and car racing. Every Thursday at 10 am, there's a criterium race that lasts about 45 minutes.

 Track Racing:
The Velodrome, named after our track world champion Martin Emilio Cochise, is placed in a quaint little neighborhood on the other side of the Metro from our stadium complex. Its an open air cement velodrome with a cafe, and plenty of seating to enjoy the racing. The best part though, is that you can register with the office for about $40 and they'll lend you track bikes to train and race as much as you want.

Mountain biking: 
Check out Barranquero and Todo MTB for more info
MTB routes
To my pleasant surprise, Colombians are also obsessed with mountain biking! They usually meet very early weekend mornings at the San Diego mall gas station at the beginning of "Las Palmas" highway that gets you out of the city. They carpool up the mountain and ride all kinds of courses!


  1. Excellent post! If you are back in Medellin come to Envigado and bike up to La Catedral, it's as challenging as the Frenche "Alpe D'Huez" http://www.strava.com/segments/5435869
    cheers and thanks for sharing this info with the world about my city.

  2. So glad to have found this post! I guide cycling tours in C. America and am thinking about getting an itinerary set up for Colombia. Long story short, I just got to Medellin today and would love to pick your brain and talk cycling. Let me know if you're interested. Here's my local number: 311 569 5110 (Claro). Definitely looking to go for a ride if possible - might have to take your advice here. Cheers, Britten

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